Average Patient Satisfaction Rating of 95%!

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 Patient Testimonials

"Everyone there is warm, they are caring, they are interested, they are engaged, they look at me as a whole person, they are very respectful, they are knowledgeable.  All of them work in partnership with me. They take what I think into consideration but also tell me what the best medical judgement is and I feel completely cared for and confident. I feel like my health is already better as a result of their unique approach."

"My health is already better as a result of their unique approach."

"This is the first time I’ve ever had what I consider a primary physician; I’ve always had one in name but not in function."

" It makes me feel like this is what being a doctor used to be like, which is different than how it is now."

"It’s a very personal touch."

"They are responsive and it’s nice having that support team."

"The team bends over backwards to accommodate you.”

"I’m not feeling any frustration now that I’m connected to Sahali. I had the best lipid profile a few weeks ago of my entire life."

"I have never felt this way about a healthcare system EVER. And I’ve had some great doctors in my lifetime. It’s a Godsend."

"I love Gladstone. It’s…an essential piece of monitoring my health. I feel like it possibly saved me from a stroke. Sahali dealt with it in a way that this model completely describes. The way they talk about the team approach…I communicate with a medical assistant, nurses and Gladstone. It’s done efficiently and if there’s a bigger problem or if things aren’t going well you see the doctor.” 

"It’s a perfect example of a team approach using the technology that was described during the open house."