Sahali Health Clinic welcomes adult patients of all ages who are looking for more personalized, hands-on care, including Medicare patients 65 and older.

90% of the decisions you make that affect your health happen outside of the clinic, in the context of your life. That is why we created a primary care clinic with the enhanced ability to conveniently monitor and address your health concerns outside of the clinic, where life happens.  

Average Patient Satisfaction rating of 95%!


You get all the traditional services your doctor offers with some powerful additions


Through more frequent visits and longer appointments, you get more time with your health team who take the initiative to reach out to you.

                                                                                                        Thanks to our innovative approach, you have more ways to conveniently contact your providers and get your health questions answered. Never wonder if you're sick enough to see the doctor. 


Take control of your health by viewing and tracking your progress. 


You can find us convienently located right across from the Timberhill shopping center.



2211 NW Professional Dr. Corvallis, OR 97330, STE 100


8-5 Monday - Friday     or 8-9 for active patients


Primary                     (844) 372- 4254           Admin Fax                (541) 230-1189               Medical Fax             (541) 207-3163




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