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Dear Patients and Friends of Sahali Health Clinic,

It is with deep sadness that we announce the closure of Sahali Health Clinic, P.C..  

As you know, Sahali Health Clinic was designed to provide better care to those with complex chronic illness. We believe today, more than ever, that the Sahali model not only provides better care, but at less cost to the healthcare system.  Unfortunately we got off to a slow start and our funding ran out before we were able to partner with local healthcare providers, or to negotiate favorable contracts with insurance companies.

We have greatly valued everyone associated with being a part of Sahali Health Clinic and the support and enthusiasm everyone brought to the Sahali care team over the year of operation.  It is our greatest hope that all or our former patients continue an active and successful partnership in their health care needs.  

With highest regards,

           Mike May, MD,                                  John Gotchall MD,                      Caroline Zaworski NP,

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And the entire Sahali Healthcare Team


Sahali Health Clinic welcomed adult patients of all ages who were looking for more personalized, hands-on care, including Medicare patients 65 and older.

90% of the decisions people make that affect health happen outside of the clinic, in the context of an individuals life. That is why we created a primary care clinic with the enhanced ability to conveniently monitor and address  health concerns outside of the clinic, where life happens.  

Average Patient Satisfaction rating of 95%!


Sahali provided all the traditional primary care services  with some powerful additions


Through more frequent visits and longer appointments, patients got more time with their healthcare team who took the initiative to reach out to the patients.

                                                                                                        Thanks to our innovative approach, patients had more options to conveniently contact their providers and get their health questions answered. 


Patients could take control of their health by viewing and tracking their progress. 


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