What we can offer

  • Standard PCPCH services
  • Daily biometric monitoring - WT, BP, HR, Pulse Oxi, BS
  • Tracking device integration (smart watches)
  • After hours text messaging (minimize urgent care, ED use)
  • Easy access - out pt, ED and hospitalized patients


  • Intensive services for multiple morbidity patient - attending all the co-morbidities
  • Attending to co-morbidities helps meet patient metrics
  • Ability to focus on cardiac care


Flexible Model of Care

  • We can be PCP or
  • Enroll patient in Complex Care Rehab (co-manage with patients PCP)

How to Refer

Message in Epic (Dr. Gotchall will check twice a day)

Call (844) 372 - 4254 and ask for Dr. Gotchall

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