Billing process boiled down




Based on the Insurance information that you provide us during your first visit, we submit a claim.


Please bring all pertinent billing information and be prepared to pay your co-pay at time of service.


We wait to receive payment from the insurance company (can take 60 days).

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Because your bill can change, we do not quote benefits (send you a pre-quoted bill). If you need to plan for expenses, please call and we'd be happy to help.  


Whatever the insurance company doesn't cover, becomes your remaining balance. 

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Please submit your bill as soon as possible and within our 30 day grace period.


We bill most insurances, with that said, please contact your insurance provider and verify coverage details. 

Insurances we're contracted with:                                                                                                    

Please note that this list is always growing, if you don't see your insurance listed of above please call to verify. 

Need to make a payment?

Please call us at (844) 372 -4254        or       Pay through your Athena Portal