At Sahali Health, we focus on patient needs—not the clock.  We think it takes more than 15 minutes—the average length of a patient visit at a primary care clinic—to really get to know someone. That’s why we reserve up to 60 minutes for patient appointments. Time to get to know you so that we can develop a more personalized care plan.

We specialize in working with patients of all ages, who have complex medical conditions

Some of the (welcome) changes you can expect:

  • No rushed visits

  • Help coordinating your care

  • In-home monitoring

  • Easy access to your providers

  • Lifestyle considerations

  • Fewer complications and costly hospital visits

  • More control over your health  

          What you'll experience


Traditional Office         Visit


Sahali Health Visit


 20-60 minutes



15-20 minutes


Doctor directs the plan  


Patient or physician schedules, if needed (on average, 3 months)

Once you leave the clinic, you are on your own until your health declines to the point of needing to see a physician.


90 min comprehensive exam


30-60 minutes


After getting to know you, we work collaboratively as a team to create a plan that addresses the full complexity of your health issues and reflects your preferences                                               

We see you as often as needed until your health issues are under control. .                      

We offer you tools to help manage your conditions, from the comfort of your home. Our easy-to-use Gladstone program allows us to non-invasively monitor your health while letting you reach out to us with any health concerns. You never have to wonder if you’re sick enough to see the doctor.