To our professional colleagues,


Sahali Health Clinic, conceived for the purpose of providing excellent care to patients with multiple chronic health conditions will be accepting new patients in the Fall of 2016.

We are starting over, building from our knowledge and experience, and focusing on Healthcare 2.0, the healthcare of the future.  We embrace the opportunity to create a new model of care and build a personal, proactive and provider friendly way of helping multi-morbidity patients’ live healthy, active lives.

The healthcare of the future will be attentive to what is happening with the patient day to day, not just when there is a serious medical event. Preventing medical exacerbations, using predictive analytics that target early interventions, daily monitoring of current conditions and proactive interventions will be hallmarks of future medical care.  This future model of care is being shaped now. 

  • Technological advances have made telemedicine reliable and affordable
  • Population health analytics are progressing at a rapid pace
  • Recognition of the need to actively address the root cause of modern illnesses by    addressing psychosocial and lifestyle issues
  • Relying on support staff and the professional qualities they bring
  • Evolving payment models to compensate for these changes  
    • With CMS leading the way (CPC+ and MACRA)

The “Triple Aim” is a noble endeavor – Better Health, Better Healthcare, Lower Cost.  Applying this to the 20% of the population who suffer the most (and make up 80% of healthcare costs) is our focus.

Better Healthcare will require robust partnerships and cooperation with our medical colleagues and the services they provide in the organizations they work with.  We want to be partnered with “Building Healthier Communities Together”, “Have a Healthy Day, Every Day”, “Healthy People, Strong Communities” and all of the providers of quality healthcare services in our region.

Better Healthcare includes focusing on provider satisfaction.  Modern Healthcare (June 2016), notes that 50% of American physicians and caregivers experience burnout and that 30% of primary care physicians age 35-49 plan to leave medicine.  The health of modern medicine must include measures to ensure professional satisfaction and a sustainable model of professional practice.  We are implementing practices that promote the health of our providers and staff and restore the joy to medicine.

We look forward to adding our contribution to the health and wellbeing of people in our communities.

Michael May, MD           John Gotchall, MD

Rosa Wolff, BSN             Charlene Yager, BSN